What is Folio?

Folio is WHS's student-run literary magazine that showcases student writing and artwork. More about the magazine can be found here.

Folio also refers to the club that creates the magazine. We meet on Mondays after school to decide what goes into our annual publication. An application is required to become an editor, but the process isn't too painful. Well, maybe a little.

Folio can ALSO refer to Folio Coffeehouse. Man, we need to be more careful about our diction.

You can follow us on Twitter at @folio to get the latest updates. Alternately, experience the Pain and Drama of being a staff member at @folioproblems.


All students at WHS can and are encouraged to submit to Folio. You do not have to be an editor to make it into the magazine. In fact, we'd love more non-editor work! We want the magazine to fully reflect the entire community's talents, not just ours.

You can submit to Folio directly from this very site, or if you're a more traditional kind of person, you can submit a paper copy in school... but that requires walking around.


We host monthly Coffeehouses, to raise revenue for the magazine (also: the roof). They happen on Fridays. Folio Coffeehouse is an awesome opportunity for anyone to perform almost anything. Signing up is free and easy, but unfortunately has to be in person.

For non-performers, it's also an excellent place to just chill and enjoy the talents (and occasional insanity) of WHS. Come join the madness!


We're all high school students at Westfield High School, in Westfield, New Jersey. We don't have any age restrictions, so anyone can apply. For more information about us or the application process, go here.


Have any questions about Folio or the site? Contact us!